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hospice care san marino a-1 home careUnderstanding why your elderly loved one refuses to bathe when she has always been the clean freak may decrease your levels of frustration when you try to get your aging parents into the bath tub or shower.  A common excuse that the elderly use is, “I’m not doing any yard work or errands that are getting my hands dirty.  Therefore I don’t need a shower.”  Maybe there’s an underlying fear of falling or slipping in the shower, or perhaps the act of bathing or showering is very exhausting for your spouse or parent.  In this article, we at A-1 Home Care will list some of the reasons for seniors’ reluctance as well as solutions to those reasons.


Consider recent events that have happened.  Has your elderly loved one recently lost driving privileges due to poor vision or aging?  Did his physician recommend that your father move in with you for senior safety and monitoring?  Does his physical condition render him dependent on another human being for basic needs such as mobility?  Your father’s resistance to bathing might be one area that he still has control over, and he is not ready to relinquish that yet.  Knowing your elderly loved one’s personality well enough to motivate him to shower is tricky.  Depending on your relationship history with your parents, it might not be so easy to “trick” your parents into bathing; sometimes a perfect stranger like a professional in-home care aide will be sufficient to coax your elderly loved ones.


If memory isn’t an issue for your elderly loved one, take a closer look at other possible reasons.  Does your loved one seem sadder than usual lately?  Has she lost interest in activities and hobbies she once enjoyed?  It may be very possible that she has also lost interest in taking care of her personal hygiene as well, which is indicative of depression.  Encourage her to see a doctor, or have a live-in caregiver accompany her if you are not able to go with her for a check-up.

Decreased Sense of Smell

Physical health conditions and medication’s side effects could hamper your loved one’s sense of smell.  Your parents may not be aware that they smell a little, nor would they notice it on their spouse.  All they probably need is a gentle reminder to take a shower.


Last but not least, memory loss is one of the most obvious reasons why a senior would not shower for days.  The days and weeks blend together and the elderly lose track of time.  If your parents are strong enough to take showers by themselves, remind them gently; otherwise, if they are physically frail and for some reason you cannot be there due to distance, your own physical condition or work schedule, you can count on a caregiver from A-1 Home Care to assist with bathing, grooming and dressing.

About A-1 Home Care

Established in 1991, A-1 Home Care has been delivering exceptional in-home care services to seniors and their families all over Corona del Mar.  We are licensed, bonded and insured, which means that every caregiver you meet is thoroughly screened for their criminal background and DMV records.  As one of the few agencies that have successfully received state licensure from the State of California, A-1 Home Care remains the preferred home care agency for seniors in Corona del Mar, Tustin, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Fullerton, Orange, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove and all throughout Orange County.

For quality Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, call A-1 Home Care (949) 650-3800 or visit us at www.coronadelmarinhomecare.com for services in your area.

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